Working with natural fibers such as string, twine and rope coated in adhesives of resin, glue and acrylic and embedded onto canvas, I create process-oriented art that molds soft materials into intricately controlled geometric forms. Drawing with thread and existing in both two and three dimensional space, I animate both the expressive and conceptual potential of line. Using fiber, my work adds a different tactile material to the language of drawing and painting, lifting line from its conventional two dimensional plane to create large mixed media works. Paul Klee described drawing as "taking a line for a walk". By disciplining myself to use one continuous thread, I take the fiber line for a walk and am required to listen to the imprecise nature of the material, welcome the unexpected potential for error that comes from working with unruly material and create new pathways. I like to think that preserving the line's course is a means of visual recordkeeping of my thought processes, decisions and actions. I am leaving my mark, literally and figuratively. In constructing abstract monochromatic pieces, I invite viewers to engage with their own subjectivity, make personal associations and sit with ambiguity and imperfection.